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Crypto Christmas Promotion

Enter promo code UBOXMAS to avail the bonus

1. 100% bonus on deposit, min 1k up to 25k (only valid for deposits via our automated crypto gateway - Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT)
2. 40x turnover required to clear on total amount (deposit + bonus). For example 1000 PHP deposit + 1000 PHP bonus = 80,000 Points required to clear.
3. Can play anything to clear bonus, sportsbook or casino. 
- Sportsbook: odds have to be min 1.3, each bet of 100 PHP = 200 Points
- Casino: each bet of 100 PHP = 50 Points
- Slots: each bet of 100 PHP = 100 Points
4. Player will have 2 balances, real balance and bonus balance. All winnings will go to bonus balance until bonus is cleared then it will change into real balance.
5. Player can redeposit if no more real balance to continue the bonus as long as bonus balance is above 10 PHP.
6. Bonus balance is lost if you withdraw or do not clear within 90 days or have a bonus balance below 10 PHP.
7. IMPORTANT: If you wish to place a withdrawal before you manage to complete the wagering requirement, then you can cancel your bonus but keep in mind that bonus amount, the generated winnings and any wagered amount will be deducted from your overall balance. 
Bonus calculates bets with real money amount first and then with the bonus amount.
8. Example: You deposit 1000 PHP 
- You will receive real balance 1000 PHP and bonus balance 1000 PHP
- All bets winnings will go towards bonus balance until the Points requirement (40x) are completed.
- For example you place bet 100 and win 150 in the sportsbook
- Then real balance will be 900 and bonus balance will become 1150 and you will gain 200 Points
- If your real balance goes to 0, you can then start playing with your bonus balance
9. you can track your bonus progress in the "my bonuses" section in your "my profile" section



Q: Can I use to deposit and withdraw?
A: Yes you can use any wallet you prefer. 

Q: When can I deposit or cash out through the crypto gateway? 
A: Anytime you wish, 24/7.

Q: Why can I not withdraw through the crypto gateway?
A: You need to have made at least 1 deposit through the gateway to use it for future withdrawals.

Q: Where can I purchase or sell BTC/ETH/USDT?
A: You could use any of the services below to buy and sell crypto. 

Q: What are the limits?
A: Deposit = No minimum. No maximum
   Cashout = Minimum 1000, Maximum 100,000

Q: How long before my transaction shows up?
A: It depends on the blockchain confirmation time, but typically 20-30 minutes. Once confirmed a popup notification will be displayed and transaction will be complete.  

Q: What can I do if I input an incorrect address?
A: As this is crypto, it is not possible to revert any transactions, please double check everything before confirming!

Q: Which Tether format is this?
A: It is USDT ERC-20, please check and do not send Tether Omni as it will be lost

Q: How much is the transaction fee?
A: You can use these links to see what that current fee estimate is of a crypto transfer
   For Bitcoin:
   For Ethereum:

   please note: the fee is the same for any transaction, small or big