Bitcoin Deposits

Bitcoin Withdrawals



Q: Can I use to deposit and withdraw?
A: Yes you can use any wallet you prefer. 

Q: When can I deposit or cash out through the crypto gateway? 
A: Anytime you wish, 24/7.

Q: Why can I not withdraw through the crypto gateway?
A: You need to have made at least 1 deposit through the gateway to use it for future withdrawals.

Q: Where can I purchase or sell BTC/ETH/USDT?
A: You could use any of the services below to buy and sell crypto. 

Q: What are the limits?
A: Deposit = No minimum. No maximum
   Cashout = Minimum 1000, Maximum 100,000

Q: How long before my transaction shows up?
A: It depends on the blockchain confirmation time, but typically 20-30 minutes. Once confirmed a popup notification will be displayed and transaction will be complete.  

Q: What can I do if I input an incorrect address?
A: As this is crypto, it is not possible to revert any transactions, please double check everything before confirming!

Q: Which Tether format is this?
A: It is USDT ERC-20, please check and do not send Tether Omni as it will be lost

Q: How much is the transaction fee?
A: You can use these links to see what that current fee estimate is of a crypto transfer
   For Bitcoin:
   For Ethereum:

   please note: the fee is the same for any transaction, small or big