Bonus Rules

- This promotion is valid for all players on UBOmoney

- This promotion is valid for Sports bets only

- 5 players will receive the bonus randomly everyday

- These players will receive a pop up informing them that their bet ticket has been selcted to be doubled

- If the player wins their bet, their winnings will be doubled. 

- If a player bets 1000 @ 1.90 odds, instead of winning 1900 they will receive 3800. 

- Maximum payout for this bonus will be an addtional 10,000. If a player is selected and is supposed to win 10,000, they will be elgibile to win an extra 10,000 through this promotion. 

- This promotion will run for amonth between 15/2/21- 15/3/21. 

- Please contact our customer service support if you have any further questions.